5L Xtreme Sanitiser – Fogging Disinfectant


Our Xtreme Sanitiser Fogging Disinfectant is a ready to use, liquid spray sanitiser that can be used in fogging machines to create a highly efficient disinfecting mist that can be used anywhere and everywhere.


  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL TYPES OF FOGGING MACHINES & CAN BE USED ANYWHERE – our fogging liquid is specially formulated for use with all fog machines. It has a unique anti viral and antibacterial formulation that has been extensively used and proven over many years. This anti viral spray can be used in any location e.g. at home, office, factory, restaurant, shops, public transport, leisure centres .. even as a car sanitiser… It is multipurpose and multi versatile.
  • UP TO 28 DAYS LASTING RESIDUAL SANITISING EFFECT – our ready to use fogger disinfectant spray special formula provides a lasting effect based on non contact, this has been tested upon the principals of PAS242014. The liquid can be used in any disinfectant fogger and provides a liquid mist that is both an antiviral spray and an anti bacterial spray. This will provide you with virus protection.
  • NO HARSH CHEMICAL RESIDUE & SAFE FOR USE ON HARD SURFACES INCLUDING FOOD PREPARATION AREAS – this disinfectant spray acts as a surface sanitiser spray and quickly sanitises surfaces of harmful viruses and bacterial. Our formula is safe to use on fabrics, carpets, plastics, wood, metals, natural and synthetic hard surfaces, glass, ceramics etc…
  • OFFICIALLY TESTED & CERTIFIED – Our fogger machine disinfectant has received four official European Standards certifications. Our product passes European standard BS EN 14476 (effective antiviral protection), BS EN 1276 (effective anti bacterial protection), BS EN 1650 (effective antifungal protection against Candida albicans) and BS EN 13697 (spray wipe test).
  • 🇬🇧 PRODUCED IN THE UK – We pride ourselves on our British heritage, from design to formulation to packaging. This fogging disinfectant sanitiser is proudly produced to the highest standards in the United Kingdom.

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