Scholl Compounds

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Our new range of Scholl compounds really are worth every penny. We feel these are right up there with the best on the market. Please see below a brief description on the three we currently have available –

Compounding polishes

S3 Gold – S3 Gold is a one-step high performance cutting compound for nearly all paint finishing applications on fresh paints. Removes grit P1500 sanding marks in seconds, leaving a brilliant finish. Won’t stick to paint – even on hot surfaces. Virtually no dust contamination. Intelligent Powder Technology (iPT). Use on nearly all kinds of paint – even scratch resistant and UV-paint. Free of wax, silicone and toxic solvents. Also ideal for paint finishing applications on polycarbonate and wood.

S17+ – is a silicone-free cutting compound for 90% of all finishing work on used paints. Ideal for scratch-resistant clear coat paints. Minimal dust production and maximum cut with brilliant high gloss. Easy wipe-off properties, even on hot surfaces. Optimal anti-hologram properties. For light to heavily scratched paints.

  • Unlike many paint cleaners, S17+ contains no waxes, silicone oils and other fillers, which fill and hide scratches without eliminating them
  • S17+ is used in professional body shops around the world for the permanent removal of sanding marks. S17+ is body shop safe and is the highest guarantee for economic and professional lacquer finishing applications
  • The paint cleaner can be used on all paint systems, even on new scratch-resistant clear coats, for the removal of swirl marks or scratches
  • In addition, S17+ is used by many of our commercial customers for the polishing of gel-coat, on various plastics, high-gloss lacquered wood surfaces and on polycarbonate parts.
  • Thanks to (iPT) Intelligent Powder Technology, the high performance polish removes medium to severe scratching and scuffs in the top coat with ease and generates a long-lasting and deep rich gloss. Best suited for scratch-resistant nano-coatings.


Finishing polishes

A15+  – the all-purpose polish for used paints. A compound for use on light- to heavily-weathered and even scratched paints. It is ideal for scratch-resistant Nano-paints and provides maximum cut and shine when used with the calibrated Spider-Pad polishing disc. Eliminates holograms on dark paints easily and provides tough, long-lasting protection. Easy to wipe off, even on hot painted surfaces. Can be applied manually or by machine. Removes scratches and oxidation to leave a deep, rich lustre.


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