Janitorial & Catering


A concentrated low foaming alkaline cleaner, formulated for use in cabinet type dishwashing machines.

Auto Rinse

Suitable for use in dishwashing and cabinet glass washing machines. Aids rapid drying of crockery, cutlery and glasses ensuring a sparkling finish. A concentrated blend of low foaming non-ionic detergents and stabilising agent.

Cabinet Glass Wash

A powerful mechanical glass washing detergent especially developed for use in all types of glass wash cabinets irrespective of the hardness of the water.

Washing Up Liquid

A concentrated neutral liquid detergent.

Thick Bleach

Thick bleach contains approx 5% active chlorine and is effective on gram positive and gram negative bacteria. At the recommended dilution it will also kill slime and fungi and eradicates malodours at source, keeping drains and toilets clean and fresh.

Brite Dishes

A neutral liquid detergent containing a bactericidal agent for manual cleaning operations.

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