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Since 1988 Starbrite have supplied major operators in the transport industry. We supply sectors from major taxi ranks to national bus and rail operators.

A clean fleet is an essential advert for many of our customers and working together over the years we have been able to develop a range of top performing products that
Ensure that image can easily and cost effectively be maintained.

We also supply a range of maintenance products for the engineering side and a wide range of sundries to accompany our chemical products.

Our specialist management systems, foam arches and foaming equipment are widely used across the industry.

Below you can see a selection of some of our favourite products.

Fleetwash HD

Fleetwash HD

A heavy duty traffic film remover developed for pressure cleaning via jet wash equipment. Due to its concentration this product can normally be pre-diluted and then be dosed through machine again at normal working concentrations to perform a quality clean.

Fleetwash & Wax

Fleetwash & Wax

Traffic film remover is a blend of quality materials that make a sophisticated detergent that rapidly removes stubborn traffic film via a pressure washer and then leaves a gloss finish on final rinse.

Excel Shampoo

Excel Shampoo

A highly concentrated neutral shampoo that can be pre diluted before final dilution thereby delivering excellent value for money. Contains a pleasant finish and rinses to leave a gloss finish.

Screenwash De-Icer

Screenwash De- Icer

Economical year round Screenwash with a unique peppermint fragrance. Very good at removing grease, traffic film and bugs from the windscreen and leaves a smear free finish.

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