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Two new air fresheners

John New Product

We have just released two new power blast air fresheners to our range. The fragrances are – Bubblegum & Tutti Frutti. These air fresheners have a multitude of uses whether that be in your vehicle or your bathroom they will leave a pleasant smell for a considerable amount of time getting rid of unwanted odours you may have. Click the …

Farecla G3 Glaze Gloss

Farecla G3 Glaze Gloss Enhancer

Josh New Product

G3 Glaze Gloss Enhancer is a protective product with excellent filling capabilities for minor scratches and swirls. Leaving extra shine and a protective layer on the surface, it offers a water repellent yet breathable and durable coating on all paint systems. G3 Glaze is ideally applied using a Farécla G Mop Finishing Foam, which was engineered in tandem with the liquid …

Farecla G3

New Farecla Premium G3 Compound

Josh New Product

The all new Farecla Premium G3 is here! G3 Premium Abrasive Compound is the only compound needed to permanently remove P1500 or finer sanding marks from all modern paint systems, while leaving a swirl free, high gloss finish with reduced product consumption. • Long lasting, powerful cut • Permanent results fast • No dragging, staining or hazing on fresh paints • No …

Odour Fogger Group

Odour Foggers

Josh News

These total release products will destroy all odours whether that be at home, work or even your car! Odour Foggers are great in small enclosed areas where a fogging machine would be awkward and/or electrical power is not available. Total release foggers are far superior to hand held aerosols for the kinds of odours that force themselves into cracks and …

5L Polymer Wash & Wax

Brand New Wash And Wax Shampoo!

John New Product, News

Polymer Wash & Wax has been added to Starbrite’s great range of shampoo’s. This special concentrated wash and wax formulation effectively cleans vehicle paintwork, and gives a pleasing beading rinse effect. Shop here:

Black Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner

John New Product, News

Brand New !! We have just introduced a new non acidic wheel cleaner to our range. Ideal for when acidic based wheel cleaners aren’t allowed. Don’t be fooled into thinking a non acidic product won’t clean as well as an acidic based product because this couldn’t be further from the truth. This black non acidic wheel cleaner is very powerful …

Bleeding Wheels

John New Product, News

Bleeding Wheels is brand new to the StarBrite product range. A ph neutral cleaner for the effective, non corrosive cleaning of wheels. Removes light corrosion and rust and is safe to use on surfaces including aluminium and ceramics. This product will turn red as it works on break dust and rust.

Wizard Wheels

John News

This product is a specially formulated acid cleaner for the removal of oxidation, brake dust, oil and grease from alloy wheels and car parts. Easy and quick to use delivering excellent results. This product contains Hydrochloric Acid so please use with care.

Super Tyre Shine

John News

Super tyre shine is a durable glycerine non silicone based tyre dressing suitable for application on all rubber surfaces. This product restores tyres and delivers attractive lasting gloss effect. It is non solvent based and is super easy to apply.

Meen sheen

John News

A multi purpose dressing which is a unique blend of solvents developed for use as a highly effective treatment on plastics, rubber, paintwork and metal. Meen sheen eliminates the need for using several products and is superb at dressing engine compartments, plastic trim, rubber tyres and mats.