Distributor Opportunities

Starbrite currently has distributors all over the United Kingdom and our aim is to not only grow our business but to also grow our distributor presence throughout the U.K as well. We offer a wide range of quality consumables that offer value to our end customer leading to good repeat business for our distributors that deliver a healthy profit margin. In todays competitive marketplace customers are demanding more quality products, faster delivery and most importantly higher levels of personal service. With our training, products and support we are confident we can help you achieve these demands.



We offer a good recognised brand name and a diverse and quality range of products. We have innovated market ideas.


Sales training will be offered for 2 weeks and further extensive training can be maintained at a small cost if you require it.


All we ask is for a small bond in the first year of trading only which will be repayable with interest at the end of year one.

No Fee

No management service fee.

Many sizeable areas available to trade in throughout the U.K


Our market is growing fast partly due to new legislation, hygiene and health and safety standards, but also because a quality clean image will always need to be portrayed by image conscious companies resulting in an ever increasing demand for our products.


It is for this reason that we are totally committed to providing the best training and support to build a mutually successful business relationship.


Our products are necessities not luxuries. Every business needs cleaning products regularly and these will all have to be re ordered.


Starbrite has grown to become one of the largest cleaning chemical suppliers in the U.K and our continued growth will be further enhanced by the development of our distributors.


You maybe already an established business looking for another avenue of growth or you may be a self employed individual looking for a new challenge either way Starbrite will help you achieve your goals.
The vast market and huge potential to deliver repeat sales is the most exciting feature within our business.


If you are interested in becoming a distributor for Starbrite please contact us using our enquiries form.