Automotive & Valeting

  • A market leading supplier of trade car cleaning products with a diverse range of quality products that make the tasks easier to complete and more cost effective.
  • Our polishes are used by all major car brands, Formula 1 and in many of the worlds leading specialist car cleaning companies.
  • Our products are designed to give a showroom shine with the minimum amount of effort.
  • We are constantly innovating products and guarantee satisfaction with every purchase.
  • Our metering and dispensing systems are installed with multi national companies to help manage the correct dilution and cost of products being used.

Fleetwash MB

Concentrated manufacture base traffic film remover. Effective for cleaning bodywork, chassis, engines and components. Offers maximum value as concentrated formula can be diluted by our dosing system.

Tyre Treat

Superb long lasting tyre dressing that leaves a satin finish on treated tyres. Puts the finishing touch to a quality car valet.

Ally Brite

One of the safest and best alloy wheel cleaners on the market. Can be pre diluted to give a quality clean. Once rinsed leaves a bright and brand new wheel finish.

Spray Glass Cleaner

A very special and fast to use formula. Rapidly removes grease and dirt from glass and then is easy to polish off to leave a sparkling and streak free finish.

PDI Polish

Simply one of the best PDI polishes around. This unique formula can be applied and left on for as long as you like and then removed without dragging any dust or dirt. Makes light work out of polishing and leaves a showroom gloss finish every time.


Bus & Coach

  • A full range of top quality cleaning products and service consumables that help to keep your fleet running smoothly and maintain superb gloss retention to the bodywork.
  • Speciality shampoos are neutral and non corrosive and when rinsed, leaving paintwork with a brand new streak free finish.
  • Our specialist management systems, foam arches and foaming equipment are widely used across the industry.
  • Dosing equipment can be supplied to ensure products are diluted to the correct levels helping to ensure quality, health and safety standards are achieved. This also supports controlling costs.  
  • Our products are ideal for use with water reclaim systems.

Super Coach Clean

Neutral detergent that coats the vehicle paintwork with a protective gloss mono layer and when rinsed amazingly peels the water of the surface, leaving a spot free finish. Ideal for manual or brush wash application.

Fleetwash Premium

A quality traffic film remover for the fast and efficient cleaning of chassis, engines and components. Safe on bodywork and wheels where heavy traffic film needs to be removed.

Cherry Fresh Coach Toilet Fluid

A sophisticated biological formulation that has a beautiful cherry fragrance and works fast to digest organic matter in toilet chambers.

Screenwash De- Icer

Year round Screenwash with a unique peppermint fragrance. Great at removing grease, traffic film and bugs from the windscreen and leaves a smear free finish.

Lemon Floor Gel

A high quality general duty cleaner in the form of a viscous liquid jelly. Mild and safe yet gives results normally associated with heavy duty detergents.

Power Fresh Berry

A high power berry air freshener. Powerful, effective odour neutralising air freshener. Ideal for use in any space needing a freshen up.

Transport & Haulage

  • We are a supplier to all major operators in the transport industry from major taxi ranks to national bus and rail operators.
  • A clean fleet is an essential advert for all our customers and working together we have been able to develop a range of top performing products that help ensure image can be easily and cost effectively maintained.
  • Our specialist management systems, foam arches and foaming equipment are widely used across the industry.
  • A wide range of engineering maintenance cleaning products and sundries is also available.

Fleetwash HD

A heavy duty traffic film remover developed for pressure cleaning via jet wash equipment. Due to its concentration this product can normally be pre-diluted and then be dosed through the machine again at normal working concentrations to perform a quality clean.

Fleetwash & Wax

Traffic film remover is a blend of quality materials that rapidly removes stubborn traffic film via a pressure washer and then leaves a gloss finish on final rinse.

Excel Shampoo

A highly concentrated neutral shampoo that can be pre diluted before final dilution thereby delivering excellent value for money. Contains a pleasant finish and rinses to leave a gloss finish.

Screenwash De-Icer

Economical year round Screenwash with a unique peppermint fragrance. Great at removing grease, traffic film and bugs from the windscreen and leaves a smear free finish.

Workshop & Engineering

Citrus Beaded Hand Cleaner

Granulated skin friendly effective hand cleaner and degreaser. Gently dissolves heavy grime and is rapidly removed when rinsed.

Rapid Dry Brake Cleaner

A complex blend of quality solvents that swiftly wash away brake dust leaving discs and drums clean and grease free.

Super Lube

Aerosol all purpose lubricant that is ideal for use on locks, hinges linkages and rubber brushes etc.


Aerosol penetrating and preserving fluid that rapidly frees up rusted parts, lubricates and protects treated surfaces.

Power Clean

A superb multipurpose aqueous cleaner and degreaser developed to clean a multitude of hard surfaces such as walls, floors and worktops. Rapidly removes oil, grease and most other forms of dirt.

Food Processing

Sanitising Detergent 

For use in any situation where a combined cleaning and sanitising action is required. Meets the requirements of BS EN1276.

Action Foam

A highly active alkaline preparation for cleaning and sanitising in abattoirs and food processing areas. Ability to deal with fat and blood residues.

Anti Odour Disinfectant

Effective against a wide range of harmful micro organisms Exceptional at destroying offensive odours.

Blue Sanitising Rinse

A concentrated fast acting wide spectrum biocide for sanitising operations. Contains a water softener for effective performance in hard water conditions. Independently tested and meets the requirements of BS EN1276.

Safe Hands

Proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus:

70% alcohol and rapid action formula

Moisturises & Softens Skin

3 official certifications from European Standards.

oBS EN 14476 (effective antiviral protection, including coronavirus) oBS EN1276 (effective antibacterial protection)

oBS EN 1500 (effective at killing 99.999% of germs on the skin)

Janitorial & Catering


A concentrated low foaming alkaline cleaner, formulated for use in cabinet type dishwashing machines.

Auto Rinse

Suitable for use in dishwashing and cabinet glass washing machines. Aids rapid drying of crockery, cutlery and glasses ensuring a sparkling finish. A concentrated blend of low foaming non-ionic detergents and stabilising agent.

Cabinet Glass Wash

A powerful mechanical glass washing detergent especially developed for use in all types of glass wash cabinets irrespective of the hardness of the water.

Washing Up Liquid

A concentrated neutral liquid detergent.

Thick Bleach

Thick bleach contains approx 5% active chlorine and is effective on gram positive and gram negative bacteria. At the recommended dilution it will also kill slime and fungi and eradicates malodours at source, keeping drains and toilets clean and fresh.

Brite Dishes

A neutral liquid detergent containing a bactericidal agent for manual cleaning operations.

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